Report configuration - Admin  
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"Orders List" report
The admin users have the ability to configure the report parameters and generate rich aggregate reports.

"Report Configuration" icon at the top right corner can be used for this purpose. 


Configure report parameters - Runtime
List of parameters from the current data model will be displayed. You can drag and drop parameters from this list on to the row fields and data fields tab.

Additionally, you can select the required chart and the theme to be used for displaying the report data.

Select the row fields and data fields
Row fields: OrderDate, CustomerID
Column fields: OrderAmount

Configure the required function for the data fields
Double-click on the "OrderAmount" data field. A dialog box will be displayed.

Since we want to aggregate the order amount, select "Sum" the from the function list.

If required, you can specify the display field name and format.

You can also write a javascript function in the textbox for function.


Configure the display field name and format for row fields
Double-click on the "OrderDate" row field. A dialog box will be displayed.

Enter "Order Date" in the textbox for display field name.

Enter "MM/dd/yyyy" in the textbox for format field.

Click on the "OK" button. 

 New "Orders List" report
The orders list report will be displayed as shown in the screen capture.