Built-in user management and other administrator screens 
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User management is a key functionality that has to be built to manage users and roles for every application. Applications must have the ability to identify its users so that they can provide the appropriate functions and access levels. This is especially important for enterprise applications where user accountability is required. OrangeScape's built-in user management functionality makes this a breeze. 

Manage This Application
The admin users will have access to the built-in administrator functions. They can access the admin screens by clicking on "Manage This Application" at the top right corner.



Administrator Options
The system admin will have access to perform all of the administrative tasks such as application administration, user administration, process administration and data administration.

However, admin privileges can be assigned to users in such a way that they are able to perform one or  more of the administrative tasks configured for them.

Create User
This screen can be used to create new users by updating the user profile details, contact details and user privileges.

User Id, First Name, Last Name, Company and Designation are the mandatory parameters that must be updated to create a new user.

User profile types:
  • User 
  • Administration
  • Integration
If the user is set as a system admin, then the user will automatically acquire all the administrator privileges i.e. profile type will be set as "Administration" and the parameters for application admin, data admin, user admin and process admin will be set to true.

Admin privileges can be assigned to a user in such a way that they are able to perform one or more of the administrator tasks assigned to them. Instead of providing all the admin privileges to a user, only user admin privileges can be provided to a user by setting the profile type as "Administration" and the user admin parameter to true. 

Manage Users
This screen can be used to manage the users present in the system. The list of users belonging to the user's company will be displayed. The admin user will have the ability to edit user details, delete inactive users, activate users and deactivate users.


Manage Role Subscriptions
This screen lists all the application roles defined for the application. These roles are automatically generated by the system based on the role assignments in the workflow processes. 

The admin users can add users to a role by clicking on the "Add Users" button.

 Bulk Upload Users
As the number of users using the application increases, creating and managing users becomes a tedious job. To simplify user management, bulk upload functionality has been implemented for importing user details.

"Bulk Upload Users" screen can be used to create and/or update multiple user accounts at once using CSV upload.


 Import Data
This screen can be used by the data administrators to upload data directly to the database using CSV upload.


 Data Viewer
This screen can be used by the data administrators to view the data stored in the various data models.