Creating product form
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In this section, we will create the product form to capture product details such as product code, product description, product price, category code and customizable.

Opening product model
Click on the edit icon to open the product model.

Click on the forms tab to navigate to the form design perspective.

Creating new "Product" form
The default form will be displayed.
Click on the "New" icon to create a new form.

Rename the form. Double click on the form name.

"Grid Name" dialog box will be displayed.

Enter "Product Form" in the name field and click on the "OK" button.

Adding product details form fields
Create a form as shown in the screen capture.

Title: "Product Form"

Form display fields: Product Code, Product Description, Product Price, Customizable, and Category Code.
Add the form input fields using the named cell widget.
  • Add a text box for product code, product description and product price.
  • Add a radio button for customizable.
  • Add a combo box (dropdown) for category code.
Apply styles using the "Cell Styles" option.
What's the next step?

Adding product colour form fields.