Creating your own styles 
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OrangeScape provides a set of predefined styles to choose from. However, you can also create your own styles using the "Styles" option in the file tab.

How to add custom styles?
Click on the file tab.

Click on the "Styles" option.
List of available styles is displayed in the "Styles" page.
Click on the add styles "+" button to create your custom style.

Defining your styles
Enter the category and style name.
In the "Cell Styles" option in Form Design perspective, the styles are grouped by category. So select an appropriate category to organise your style. 
Click on the add style properties "+" button. The option to enter a name-value pair will be provided. You can add as many properties as required by clicking on the "+" button.
Enter the CSS style properties as required. For example, specify font size by entering "font-size" in the name field and "12px" in the value field.
Click on the "Save" button

Editing an existing style
Click on the arrow button to open an existing style.
Let's open "Form Title" option by clicking on the arrow button next to it.
Style properties of "Form Title" will be displayed.
Preview of the style "Form Title" is displayed.
New style properties can be added by clicking on the add properties "+" button.
Existing properties can also be amended using the "Save" button or removed using the delete "X" button next to each property.