Exploring design perspective  
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When the launch button on the studio home page is clicked, the design perspective of the respective application will be displayed. The design perspective allows you to implement your application's data model by providing the ability to create new data models, add parameters to data models and establish relationships between the data models. The design perspective also provides you with the ability to organize your data models into folders. This serves two purposes: firstly, the folders get automatically translated into menu options in the run-time and secondly, it helps you manage your data models easily.

The list of folders are displayed. The system folder contains the system models. This is automatically generated whenever a new application is created. All the folders will be available under the root application folder. Also, the selected folder will be highlighted as shown.

The data models in the selected folder are displayed. The customer folder contains customer and customer address data models.

The new model button can be used to create a new data model under any folder.

The type check-box option provides the ability to filter design parameters and normal parameter. Similarly, the relationship check-box option provides the ability to filter data models with parent/child relationship.

The search option provides the ability to search data models across all the folders in the current application. 
 Opening a data model, editing model properties, adding parameters and reference relationships

Opening an existing data model

Place the cursor over the model to be opened. An edit icon will be displayed at the top right corner. Click on the edit icon to open the model.

Viewing data model parameters

The list of parameters and references in the data model will be displayed. In addition, relationships with other data models will also be highlighted.

To add a new parameter or update the properties of the current model or an existing parameter, click on the open button next to the model name.

Updating data model properties
Once the data model is opened, you can navigate to any of the other perspectives such as rules, process, actions, forms, reports etc.

To update the data model properties such as model visibility and workflow, click on the edit button next to the model name.

Updating parameter properties

To update the parameter properties such as parameter name and datatype, click on the edit button next to the parameter name.

Adding new parameter/reference

To add a new parameter or reference to the model, click on the add new parameter button.