Application Properties 
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The application properties can be configured using the "Properties" menu option in the application workspace page. The "Properties" menu option can be used to configure
  • Home Page
  • Audit Log Level
  • Deployment Properties
  1. Authentication
  2. Default application email Id

Home Page - Worktop, Userform

Worktop is the default home page option. Worktop can be configured to display the counts of records for all the workflow activities associated with a model.

This option is very suitable for process oriented business applications because the user's tasks can be easily displayed on the home page by configuring the worktop.
  Worktop may not be suitable while building social applications where the foucs is on user experience. Such application needs much more than simple data capture screens that can be accesed through menus in the home page.

"Userform" option can be used to create the required levels of screen navigation for building applications with sophisticated navigation requirements.

Log level

The audit log can be used to track every action performed by the application. The level of audit information written to the audit log can be controlled by selecting the appropriate value for the log level parameter.

 Deployment Properties
  This option allows you to configure the application mail id and login authentication for various environments.
Follow the steps below to configure the deployment properties.
Click on the "+" button.
Enter your application name and click on the arrow button.
Configure the deployment preferences.

Enter the appspot domain in the application name field.

Enter the application mail id that must be used by the application for sending the mails. This mail id must be added as a developer to the application on Google App Engine.

Enter a suitable name (like Dev, Test, UAT, Prod)  to identify the application environment.
Select the authentication level required.
  • DUMMY_AUTH to disable authentication. This is the default value for authentication.
  • OPENID_AUTH to enable open id authentication.