Open orders
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Once the orders are created, these are available to the customers, who can either cancel their order or confirm their order. They can also amend the order, if required, before confirmation.

Activity Name : Open
Activity Owner : Customer Email
Form : "CustomerView" form
Queue : Default queue
Next activity : IF branching activity
Next activity trigger : "Confirm Order" or "Cancel Order" button in the "CustomerView" form

Configuring "Open" workflow activity
Insert a new workflow activity.
Rename this workflow activity as "Open" by updating the value in the Namebox.
The orders must be accessible only to the customers for whom the order is created.

Add the "Customer_Email" field in the formula bar.

This is an example of dynamic user configuration for an activity.
Select the queue and form that must be used for accessing the order instances in the "Open" workflow activity.

Queue: Default
Form: CustomerView
What's the next step?

Configure IF conditional branching.