Saving your model 
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The studio provides three different save options:
  • Save in Server
  • Save and Tag
  • Save Draft

Save in Server
  Using this option you can save your changes in the server. Once the changes are uploaded and saved in server, you can access them anywhere, anytime.

Save and Tag
  Using the "Save and Tag" option creates a version with your changes. You can also track your changes by providing appropriate comments while saving.

OrangeScape has a built-in version control. You can revert to any of the previous versions that was created using the "Save and Tag" option.

No work is ever lost.

Save Draft
  Using this option you can save your changes in the local storage.

What purpose does this serve?

OrangeScape provides the Test-as-you-go feature that allows you to test your rules on the fly without deploying. "Save Draft" can be used to save the changes locally. You can then perform tests, validate the rules, and finally upload your changes to the server.
   How to test-as-you-go?
   Click here to know more.

What are other icons for? Refresh Studio, Open Model, New Model.

Refresh Studio
  Using this option you can grab a copy of the last saved version of your changes.

Is this option required?

If you are working on two or more models in parallel by opening them in different tabs/windows, the changes made in one of the models (tabs/windows) will not be reflected in the other tabs. In this case, you will have to refresh the data from the server!

Open Model
   Shortcut option to open an existing model.

New Model
   Shortcut to create a new model.