Create orders
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The first step in our order process is order creation. Orders are created by call center sales representatives using the "CreateOrder" form. The newly created orders are marked as open orders.

Activity Name : Draft
Activity Owner :
Form : "CreateOrder" form
Queue : Default queue
Next activity : Open
Next activity trigger : "Create Order" button in the form

Configuring "Draft" workflow activity
Select the "Start" workflow activity.
Rename this workflow activity as "Draft" by updating the value in the Namebox.
Only the call center sales representatives team must be able to create product orders. 

Add the call center sales team mail id "" in the formula bar.
Select the queue and form that must be used for accessing the order instances in the "Draft" workflow activity.

Queue: Default
Form: CreateOrder
Click on the queue tab to open the queue design perspective.

Implementing queue list
By default, "S.No", "SheetName", "CreatedAt", "CreatedBy" and "ModifiedBy" fields will be displayed in the queue.

Configure the queue to display Order ID, Customer Name, Phone, Email and Modified On.

  Edit the header display fields by selecting the cell and updating the display name.

Insert the labels for the above mentioned display fields using the named cell widget.
What's the next step?

Configure "Open" workflow activity.